To appreciate and develop your strenghts is the most direct and transformative pathway towards a more authentic and meaningful life.

Imagine developing your strengths to their fullest potential:

A more optimal use


Less emotional drain


Living life your way


Trust in who you are. Let your strengths be the pillars of your life, they are your best ally.

Hello, I am Eva

Clinical Psychologist, Positive Psychology Enthusiast and Strength Coach.

After navigating my own personal and profesional transition from the business world into psychology, I trained and worked with different international pioneers in the field of Applied Positive Psychology and played my part in bringing the Strengths Coaching movement to Spain.

Today I facilitate different one-to-one formats ranging from Coaching to Positive Psychotherapy. Also, I design corporate training programs and offer supervision for strengths-based professionals.

Supported by my Curiosity, Optimism, Acceptance and Appreciation I guide my clients to explore and develop their strengths to their full potential. Want to explore, too?

What do you need?

There are different ways of how we could work together. Chose the one that best fits your current situation:

Strengths Coaching

Discover, explore and optimize your strengths. Develop your own conscious, creative and strategic way to achieve your goals.

Job Transitions

If you feel that your work has become a drain and you need a change, try my step-by-step process that combines the best of Positive Psychology and Strength Coaching to reignite your energy and purpose.


Online and face-to-face trainings for you, your team or your company. Get to know Eva's award-winning +15-year trajectory of transformative learning experiences.


Are you a Strengths Coach or Therapist and need a space and time to reflect on your clients, review your practice and empower your professional growth? I will be happy to accompany you on your journey into this beautiful profession.


My approach fuses the best of positive psychology and coaching, two disciplines with a scientific background that have demonstrated their capacity to generate a positive impact in the wellbeing of people in multiple ways. These are the benefits my clients appreciate most:

Clarity & Direction

Hope & Optimism

Guidance & Action

Acceptance & Resilience

How can I help?

+34 627 24 48 67