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Strength coaching

Strengths Coaching is a great option when you feel:

  • Lost: You know more of less that things need to change, but don’t know where or how to start.
  • Stuck: You have tried to move forward, but the strategies you used did not feel right, so you stopped.
  • All over the place: You really want to make a shift, but struggle with a lack of time, focus, priorities and structure.

What does Coaching provide:

  • Clarity: It is a thinking space that helps you clarify your goal, cope with fears and overcome the obstacles that are holding you back. Having clarity ensures that you are doing what is right for you.
  • Optimism: It gives you a new perspective and the vantage points necessary to adress setbacks in a positive way. It helps you generate realistic pathways that give a sense of hope and confidence.
  • Focus: This is your moment, fully dedicated to yourself and your development, without distraction, nor excuses.
  • Strategy: Coaching provides the process and tools to move forward one step at a time, following the clear intention of reaching your goal in a realistic amount of time, without the excessive pushing, rushing and forcing we often dread.
  • Guidance: I will be with you, through all the unavoidable valleys and uncertainty of moving oiut of your comfort zone. And of course, we will celebrate your peaks and achievements, big and small. No matter where the journey takes us, you won’t be alone.

What does the strengths-based approach add to this:

  • Authenticity: As we are all unique and different, there is no one-size-fits-all. By activating your strengths to reach your goal you will feel that you get there, 100% your way.
  • Energy: Using strengths consiously and strategcially is one of the most effective ways to reduce emotional drain, feel more energy and vitality.
  • Motivation: Forget about what “they said you should”. Trusting your strengths will stop the comparisons and activate your personal, authentic motivation and help you find your way. By being who you really are you free yourself from the shoulds and unhealthy expectations.

Job Transitions

Transiciones Laborales

A Job Transition programm is right for you if you are

  • Frustrated: If your job is more often a source of frustration than of joy, it’s time to say enough is enough.
  • Disenchanted: Your job satisfaction is just not what it used to be. Something is missing because you know that work could be so much more gratifying.
  • Eager to grow: You might have been dreaming about a proyect or a new challgenge because you want to grow professionally and are ready to take the leap?

What does a Job Transition Programm programm consist in?

  • Analysis: A proper evaluation of your current situation, your experience and strengths will help us determine the milestones, pace and direction of your transition.
  • Perspective: We will generate and work through different options of change, so that you can find and opt for the pathway that provides a healthy balance of safety, challenge and confidence.
  • Encouragement: I know from my own experience that transitioning is neither easy, nor immediate. In those moments when you feel like giving up, when you think you won’t be able to get there, I will be there to encourage and keep you on track.
  • Decisions: By following a structured process, the decision making moment will be much more easier to navigate. My rol is not to tell you what to do, but to safeguard your interests, values and focus in moments of uncertainty.

What does the strengths-based approach add to this:

  • Competitive Advantage: By definition, our unique combination of strengths help us stand out of the crowd. They are the ultimate competitive advantage. And this is not only true when we think about Job Interviews (although we might talk about this, too), the most important advantage is to find an occupation that allows you to do what you’re best at. Then, profesional development and personal growht go hand in hand.
  • Direction: As you become an expert in understanding the impact of your strengths, both their light and shadow, you will be able to distringuish the powerful strenghts constellations that will guide you in the quest of finding your place.
  • Fit: Finally you can stop trying to be someone else to fit in. The key is finding the context that will allow you to put your strengths to work and live in line with your interests and values. This also means getting rid of unnecessary masks and let yourself be seen with all your qualities, making your weaknesses irrelevant.

Supervision is great when you feel:

  • Insecure: Si has empezado recientemente a aplicar la Psicología Positivo y el Coaching de Fortalezas en tu práctica profesional y todavía no te sientes del todo segur@, la supervisión es la vía más directa para asegurar un buen servicio a tus clientes… y la buena sensación de saber que lo haces bien.
  • Isolated: Seamos sinceros, nuestra profesión a veces nos puede hacer sentir un poco solos. Pasamos muchas horas con clientes, pero no tanto con otros profesionales del mismo campo.
  • Critical: ¿Te pillas criticándote sin saber si estás siendo demasiado duro contigo o si es una crítica válida? ¿Tienes ganas de reflexionar de forma crítica pero constructiva sobre tu práctica profesional? ¿Quieres contrastar opiniones y explorar diferentes puntos de vista?

What does Supervision provide:

  • Self-Care: Our profession is all about offering self-care to our clients. How often do you stop and take care of yourself? If you want to stay in love with this wonderful field you need to keep yourself safe from burn-out and protect the quality of your work and service.
  • Development: Depending on your stage of profesional development, you will require a specific focus of supervision. From identifying your own style based on your strengths, developing new skills, recognizing limits, setting up boundaries, to discussing ethical dilemas; each aspect will make you grow and evolve the way you need given your current level of expertise.
  • Confidentiality: I have been receiving supervisión since I started working as a Psychologist and Coach. I know that we sometimes need a safe place to speak out mind honestly. Coming up against our own limitations, working through complicated cases, opening up about our fears is not an easy task. Supervision is a place of unconditional acceptance and confidentiality, free from judgement and expectations that helps us lean into our own vulnerability of complex emotions that happen to all of us, coaches and psychotherapists.
  • Structure: Supervision is a framework that gives structure and guidance during your most difficult times, through technical, strategic and emotional support.

What does the strengths-based approach add to this:

  • Authenticity: When you identify your profesional strengths profile and put it in the service of your clients you will be able to connect with them and support them in the most authentic way posible.
  • Energy: Drawing from your strengths and using them wisely is one of the biggest pillars of sustainable wellbeing, vitality and performance at work.
  • Branding: Your strengths are a vital part of your personal brand and determine your ideal way of providing your services. Defining how you will combine and use your strenghts with your different types of clients will allow you to develop a personalized approach that leaves a lasting positive impact.



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