Hello, I am Eva

Psychologist and Coach of Strengths.

When we design strategies to live our strengths and connect to what really matters, life starts to Flow gracefully.
More and more studies show, that activating our strengths gives ua a higher sense of wellbeing, authenticity and meaning.

I also experience this myself during my transition to a more strengths-based live (click here to hear my story) After studying and working with different international experts in the field of Positive Psychology I now support my clients in making the same shift.

My vision: A world in which more and more people live a strengths-based life, apprecitate their unique talents and shine in their own, favorite ways.

When we how to make the best of the potential we have, both professionally and personally, we can finally stop trying to be someone else.

Strengths are like a raw diamond, a precious resource we need polished to live an authentic life.

It will be my pleasure to guide you through the step-by-step process of discovering and developing your personal path.

I tell you my story in this video